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Betty Ann Medeiros- artist from Danbury CT.

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 Over my career I have worked as a successful freelance illustrator, fine artist, and teacher. I ran my own art studio for years and taught a few painting classes at Western Connecticut State University.


My work has been published in several magazines, books, and even on puzzles. I have exhibited in art shows and galleries, where I've sold to private and institutional collectors. 


I studied fine art, graphic design, and illustration  at Oswego State University, and Western Connecticut State University. 


 My creative style has been one of a realistic, colorful blend reminiscent of the traditional art of the “Golden age of Illustration”. My subject matter usually includes figures and landscapes. With a creative philosophy that brings out  my feminine personality, love of bright colorsand desire to create exciting compositions. I enjoy watercolor, figure drawing with charcoal, pastel, and oil painting in an impressionistic style. I also love to go painting "en plein air" all around New England and painting large murals. I recently started to create computer illustrations for video game backgrounds. Can't wait to see what is next for me!