Picking up my award today.  I am honored to receive the Society of Creative Artists of Newtown award at the SCAN juried show. The show will be up at the Cyrenius H. Booth Library on Main Street in Newtown CT. till June 11 2017


After a ten-year hiatus, local award-winning artist Betty Ann Medeiros is teaching art classes once again.


Medeiros, an alumna of Western Connecticut State University, initially made a career out of fine art and illustration in the early 1990’s, selling artwork in galleries across Connecticut and New York. She’s best known for her work in magazines including Cricket, Fine Gardening and Scholastic’s Book of Knowledge. During this time she also taught art classes at WCSU, Escape to the Arts, and in her own private art studio.


“My creative style has been one of a colorful blend of realism and impressionism, done in oil or watercolor paint.” Medeiros said. My subject matter usually includes figures and landscapes that glow with vibrancy while demonstrating my technical skill and ability to create exciting compositions” 


As with many artists who struggled during the recession, Medeiros made the painful decision to put her painting life on hold in order to pursue another more secure career in the tech industry.


She expressed that the hiatus was upsetting, but also gave her a new perspective on life


“I learned that even though I’m good at other things, I was born to be an artist,” Medeiros said. “It’s important to follow your passions and to do what makes you happy.”


The break proved to be worthwhile, Medeiros won Best of Show at Richter Art Association’s Juried show in October 2016 with the first canvas she had painted in almost a decade.


“I want to teach my students, not to let life get in the way of creativity,” she said. “I want them to enjoy the process of creating art and not so much on the finished product.”


Medeiros is beginning watercolor classes again starting April at the Arts Escape in Southbury, and the Brookfield Craft Center in Brookfield.


To find out more about these great places for creative learning and to sign up for classes, visit artsescape.org and brookfieldcraft.org.


To see more of Medeiros’ work, visit www.medeirosstudios.com.

Learn to Paint at the Brookfield Craft Center with artist Betty Ann Medeiros

Check out the classes offered at Brookfield Craft Center

Oil painting in progress

Got up early to work. I still have a lot to do: details, soften edges, highlights etc.